Create Online covers {issues 1 - 16}

expanded create online cover

Here's a more detailed look at the award-winning covers of CreateOnline...

Right from the start Create's covers set out to break the mould. Thanks to Art Director, Paul Kuzeja, our covers were praised for their innovative interpretation of the subject matter. A fluro orange was always used for the masthead while spot varnish gave the covers a tactile feel, helping to appeal to the design-conscious audience of web designers and developers. The logo was always run under a spot varnish and in the 'Streaming' issue, no11, banded varnish strips were used across the whole cover. The broadband issue, no7, featured an elevator with the word 'BROADBAND' in varnish. After issue one, covers were often produced with a 'belly-wrap' band (as in the case of the 3D issue, no,10, below). This enabled us to produce covers with few coverlines as the coverlines were run on the belly-wrap instead. This offered us more scope to create original covers and ensured every edition felt like a new event.

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Issue one - the launch issue