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Editor, River; October 2007-present

I am currently the editor of Virgin Holidays’ Rock & Roam magazine, a title that I launched in 2008 and which has been shortlisted four times for the APA's Best Travel Magazine, winning the award in 2010. I also went on to create a digital edition of the magazine, adding touchpoints that would draw customers into the brand and build a dialogue with them. I have also edited editions of Co-Op Traveller and Sailaway (a cruise title).

While at River I have edited Hotline magazine (for Virgin Trains) and performed managing editor duties on The Address Book (for Hamptons Estate Agents). This particular project involved pulling together a design team in India with UK writers and co-ordinating up to five editions of the magazine. The role played to my strengths as an organiser.

Having launched a wide range of newsstand magazines in a variety of markets, I am often brought in to come up with the creative concept for many of River’s new business pitches, visualising innovative ways of transferring a clients’ brand values into an engaging and relevant magazine. I have recently pitched for Thomas Cook Holidays, First Direct and Transpenine Trains - among others - with original approaches that employ digital and print to better connect customers to the brand. I have an extremely good working relationship with clients and an infectious enthusiasm that makes me a valued team player. As well as new projects, I am also involved in revitalising existing publications at River and have worked on a relaunch of Healthy For Men, a fitness title for GNC, alongside Virgin Holidays’ Rock & Roam.

Editor, Redwood / River (freelance); Nov 2006-Oct 2007

Hamptons coverVarious freelance projects: Managing editor duties on Hamptons International customer magazine, Hotline freelance, Co-Op Traveller. I also worked for Redwood where I launch edited their pitch for the official Sony licence. Prior to this, I spent much of 2006 pursuing my DIY interests, renovating a flat in West London and introducing the latest technology in a bid to maximise its potential.

Editor-in-Chief; Highbury; June 2005 – Jan 2006
Advanced photoshop coverInitially brought in to launch Adobe’s Advanced Photoshop magazine, targeting professional creatives, I was then tasked with refocusing and relaunching many of the problem titles in Highbury’s portfolio. I repositioned two of their internet titles (Web Designer and Practical Web Projects) and was involved in steering the direction of iCreate and ebuyer. Working for a cash-strapped company with big ambitions and low staff morale presented problems but by inspiring teams with creative ideas for their magazines and building individuals’ self-confidence, I achieved considerable success before the company collapsed due to refinancing problems.
Freelance editing & writing; March 2004 – May 2005
After spending a year travelling around Australia and Thailand I returned to the UK to pursue a long-held ambition to write a novel. Working with agents and publishers, I made considerable progress but was ultimately wooed back to the office and my first love of magazines when Highbury approached me to launch a new title for them.
Editor-in-Chief, T3, Home Entertainment, Hi-Fi Choice;
Future Publishing; Sept 2001 - Feb 2003
I relaunched T3, Future’s biggest consumer technology magazine, and moved the magazine from Bath to London, employing a whole new team and taking the title to the next level. By focusing on maximising the inherent strengths of the brand, the relaunch was a success and T3 beat its closest rival, Stuff, for the first time. After this, I was made Editor-in-Chief over Future’s entire technology portfolio, managing three editorial teams and taking ultimate responsibility for three montly newsstand publications and brand extensions targeting affluent ABC1 males in the gadget and hi-fi sectors. I quickly established strong links with the industry in the US and UK, attending frequent US shows and networking events to build the profile of the magazine. While Editor-in-Chief and with continued day-to-day responsibilities for T3, I identified the need for a relaunch of Home Entertainment and worked closely with the editorial team and its editor to implement it. I was also involved in refreshing the T3 site to reflect a new perspective on the magazine and helped bring print articles online that would increase visitors and build brand loyalty. I eventually left T3 to go travelling.
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Life magazine; Future Publishing
While still in charge of Create, Future asked me to come up with the concept and dummy for the proposed launch of a consumer homes magazine called Digital Life. Addressing an upmarket audience, the title was set to be a style conscious read that tapped into an escalating interest in design and technology. It was Wallpaper meets Stuff but ultimately never came to market due to a sudden upheaval in the company’s fortunes.
Editor-in-Chief, Create magazine; Future Publishing; May 2000- Sept 2001
create cover3I launched Create as an original concept. A high-end design magazine targeting Web creatives, it was highly respected immediately from launch and scooped many awards, including PPA Business Editor of Year 2001, PPA Design of the Year 2001, Total Publishing Art Editor of the Year 2000, Total Publishing Magazine of the Year 2000, BSME Business Editor of the Year 2001 (Highly Commended). Every issue of Create was treated as a big event. Cover treatments, features and interviews were designed to get to the heart of big issues and controversies in the industry. By building strong links with Web designers and innovators in the US and Europe, I was able to arrange round-table discussions and seminars on a monthly basis, quickly putting Create at the beating heart of its industry. Working with my Web editor, I planned the website that ran alongside the magazine, coming up with imaginative ways to keep Web designers returning to the site and building a community online that could feed back into the print magazine. Thanks to highly-focused editions of Create, I was able to keep the website fresh and relevant. One such special issue gave me the opportunity to arrange a cross-promotion with Macromedia US and after a visit to their San Francisco offices we agreed a slot on their site that drove new US traffic to our own. While editing Create I also oversaw a relaunch of Mac Format magazine, bringing the title up-to-date and refreshing its base of freelancers. In addition, I was also heavily involved in a relaunch of What DVD magazine, a film reviews title, and worked closely with its recently-promoted editor to train him up and revitalise the publication.
Editor-in-Chief, Sega Dreamcast (official magazine);
Sega / Dennis Publishing; Oct 1999-Feb 2000
dreamcast lauchI was drafted in on a project to pitch for the official Sega Dreamcast license. We competed against five other publishing companies but by tapping into Sega’s brand values I produced a unique games magazine oozing with passion and a strong sense of community. We ultimately won the contract and I went on to launch and edit the first three issues.
Editor, various magazines; Future / Dennis; June 1992 – Oct 1999
My career started at Future Publishing where I quickly rose up through the ranks to the position of Editor. As well as the titles listed above, I have also edited and launched a variety of publications including games magazines, an internet publication and computing titles including PC Format. In 1994 I was sent by Future to the US to edit the country’s second biggest games magazine (GamePlayers, with over 750k readers) and steer it through a relaunch and a move from East to West Coast. In 1996 I launched Computer Arts, a digital arts publication that still runs today. I also launched Escape (a male interest internet-focused title) for Dennis Publishing and PC Guide for Future Publishing. In 1997 I worked with Dennis Publishing on a magazine launch for clubbing brand, Ministry of Sound. And in 1998, I relaunched the company’s premier PC games magazine, achieving the title’s biggest-ever sales figures.



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