Some inspiring covers {random magazines}

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Maybe once a year (or once every fifty issues) there comes an opportunity to make a very special cover. Here are some covers that have tried to be as inventive as possible (click to expand and reveal caption)... Click for covers from Create magazine

Bazaar sequin cover1
Bazaar sequin cover 2
Edge slip case
Edge 50th issue
Esquire Muhammad Ali cover
Rolling Stone Lennon cover
Vogue millennium cover
Vogue millennium back
Edge Turok cover
The Face cover
Vogue cover
Sleaze Nation cover
Sleaze Nation back cover
Nova launch cover
Edge tracing cov1 Edge Tracing cover2 Edge tracing cover Wired UK launch cover Wired UK launch cover
This cover of Harper's Bazaar from September 2007 used sequins around the logo to create standout on the newsstands and a cover that readers wanted to interact with