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Brief/ to make the magazine appeal more to its intended market of creatives; to retain existing readers while finding ways to draw in new ones and to make sister magazines of Web Developer and Practical Web Projects.

How this was achieved/ Overall, the title was reinvented to incorporate much more input from its audience of professional web creatives. New sections were added to encourage debate and opinion (and keep readers coming back), while the How-To section was given more prominence and a wider remit in order to ensure that every issue delivered something useful to every reader. The design was radically overhauled to make the title trendier and more relevant.

_{cover design} covers were reinvented, losing the insipid illustrations and replacing them with a more photographic cover. More real-world photography was used to support features inside. The mast head was redesigned to give it a more 'technological' feel and it was made to work with the title's sister magazine, Web Developer. Much more was done to stress the 'How To...' features which were now a more important part of the magazine.

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Web Designer before > > > Web Designer before

At the same time as relaunching Web Designer, I oversaw the relaunch of Practical Web Projects as a sister title to Web Developer. It was given a new name - Web Developer - and a more How-To approach. New sections were also added to foster a sense of community among readers. Many opportunities were then used to direct readers from one publication to the other, integrating the titles more tightly together and giving readers a reason to buy both.